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Looks like it is worth the wait!


Do what you gotta do! I've enjoyed playing the game in its latest incarnation, can't wait to see the next one!

Luke krentz

JUST DO IT!!!!!!!! :'(


This is the best possible way you can handle having to delay an update! I applaud you on your honesty and for being upfront with us about the current state of affairs. If only more developers were like this ;)

We, of course, shall wait patiently and continue to support you! The update looks and sounds awesome.


You Gentlemen are creating the game of my dreams. Astounding.


Thanks for your understanding guys. We believe in communicating to the best of our ability, although it can be scary at times because we felt like we let everyone down. But it seems most are on board with us finishing things properly, so we are happy to see that.

We are also answering some other indepth questions here:



I like how you're being honest here, but you have to see from the consumers point of view that we understand that it's not finished and I believe I speak for most of us - we don't mind playing an unfinished product. I mean that's all we're going to play until the first release and that's part of the fun.


We understand this viewpoint Eddy, but the multiplayer is a bit harder to put out before it's ready due to the nature of it and needing to ensure server stability. But we do keep in mind not to feature creep beyond what is needed for the gameplay of a particular update, and there will still be some smaller but less noticeable bugs even when we release it.


I pesonally would LOVE to play the unfinished version. As it would make me (and others who agree) feel as if I had a big role in the development of the game. But I do accept that you are trying to make the update the best for us and create the foundation for more content, And for that I applaud you.


And also when could we expect other gamemodes then fort defence. Such as survival or maybe even a sandbox mode (this was originally planned and then you later stated that the gamemodes were going to be: Fort Defence, Survival and Fortwars)


Survival mode will be coming in the update after this update. Fort Wars we hope to have the first version of late this year as it requires all our systems in place to work as we envision it.


most of us were not expecting a game over night, especially given how few of you there are at this point. I really appreciate that you keep us posted on twitter. it makes the waiting a lot easier. thank you for doing what you are doing. we shall do our best to be patient.

seriously, you guys rock.


Thanks for keeping us in the loop. I really like hearing from you guys. It reassures me that the update is coming soon.

*Turns to players*

You hear that guys? If we stop sending emails, they can get the update out faster!!! ;)


Yea, take the time to do things right. That's freedom!

BEST part of being independent!

keep codin', great job so far!


I can understand the desire to make the best impression possible, but you got to understand these delays are also an impression.
We have been squatting on what is essentially an extremely limited tech demo since October.
You are more in danger of losing peoples interest in this game not releasing SOMETHING then you are sitting on it till it's perfect.


Indeed, take your time!
I'd rather have an stable update then a buggy pre-update.

Making the game of dreams.


To Taylor: Don't give up! It will be worth the wait!


I think that no one is wrong here.

In one sense, people like Basilisk are correct in the fact that constant delays with seemingly no progress WILL reduce the number of people interested in the game.
On the other hand, people like attackpanda are also correct in the sense that you shouldn't release a bad first update.

My personal opinion is that as long as you are honest with us about what's going on, it all works out in the end. I personally do not mind a game being a month late as long as you are up front about it. I truly admire that in you guys more than any fancy hardware you can pump out (though I look forward to that with avid anticipation)!

Keep up the good work! But give us our moneys worth of game, says the cynic ;)




I am totally blown away by how much information is in this blog post. Great job at informing the community. Thank you!!


I think this will be the update that finally gets me to commit to buying. Can't wait to see how it turns out (actually I guess I can wait, but I don't want to).


Take as much time as you need! I dont want to play a game that has so many issues that its almost unplayable. Keeping us posted on progress should be the only priority until the you have completed a stable version!


What you guys are doing is incredibly in depth, and frankly earth shaking, you are going to a depth that Minecraft and Terraria never even looked at. Ignore your detractors, listen to those of us telling you to take your time, we are not 12, we are patient. Those of us telling you to take your time have obviously been waiting for a game like this for years, so whats another month for a good update. Just be true to your product, and don't scrap it. That's my only request.


Fantastic! As long as you're keeping us up to date on what's going on, I don't mind waiting at all. You guys kind of remind me of Valve, in a good way...always trying to answer the customers and delaying when necessary to make the game better. I'm perfectly happy checking in on the site every few days as just seeing you post something on Twitter gets me excited. Keep up the great work, you guys. :)


Keep programming and dont stress. It takes the time it takes. Thanks for posting this log, i am sure its the time worth! Thanks alot for making StarForge at all. I know how much of the time you Guys are using on programming this game.

Keep up the good Work! :D

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