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Is ammo infinite? (That goes for this mode and any other).


Will you release a video of the new stuff? I also found the fact that the guns could propel you into the air hilarious.


Could we get a update on the patch that was supposed to come out on January? I'm dieing to know how things are going.


lol, how ridiculously high was the sky? And how high did you make it?


Another question, have you found a way to reduce lag? Because currently having more than ~8 leeches causes noticeable lag, and it's unplayable for me with more than a dozen... If that is still the same, I will not survive many waves of enemies....


I think that maps like the ones on 'Giants Citizen Kabuto' would be good for fort defense. they're not infinite but the're still big, and an Archipelago or single island battle would be fun in my opinion.


Thumbs up for giant cacti!!

Keep up the great work guys. Eagerly anticipating the update!

MAC's are all I have!

I'm hoping that MAC compatibility will be coming soon.

Jesper Ordrup

+1 for Mac support. Of course :-)


is the update coming this month because it was supposed to come out last month so its really late I know you guys are working hard but you might want to release the update soon


This game is looking amazing, and I'm really excited for it! I'm buying it now, and look forward to updates!

Ben Sterling

Lol at the people who are like 'UPDATE NAOW'
They're trying their hardest to make it DECENT before its release. Would you prefer a shit game on release, or a good one, which you have to wait for?
Thus; War-Z.
But War Z is still shit. So oh well.
Keep going lads; Nice work so far.
(PS; Mac users. Get a PC. ;3 )

Adam Wilczek

Another thing have you ever played an alpha where multiplayer and server support don't function as intended? It is a horribly frustrating experience. These guys are working hard to get that working so we can enjoy ourselves and have some multiplayer fun!

Aaron Galego

Can't wait. I've been preoccupied with some other games because of the limits of the available build.

I'm seeing a lot of great ideas coming from both the larger companies that have had some staff changes, but mostly the indie development world. This game started my intrest in the indie development world, then a few days ago, I saw Project Awaken in my Greenlight queue, and that would have had some serious potential if they weren't going to land about 300k short of their goal.

People in the mainstream gaming world need to start backing indie development. They are the only ones that I've seen to have the best ideas for games.


holy crud this is going to be a good game
I cant wait!


Ahh, it's coming out this week, isn't it, the new update? Can't wait! Also, dying for Linux support, but I suppose that's a long way off.


It's here! Downloading it now. Please make a video!


To be honest you guys need to get your priorities straight so you can complete this game before you run out of funding. The focus should be a core sandbox map with ability to resource gather and explore. Leave space out of the equation until you can produce a planet side platform. Get rid of pallets and use inventory already in use. Get the planet running with save features, then include vehicles. Then you will be half way to Minecraft's first sold version. You guys bit off a lot more than is doable in the next year or two with the four guys working on everything. Keep it simple, get it running, then expand. Best of luck to you.


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Fantastic work so far, but in its current stage, this game isn't really pleasure for a long time to play. When can we expect the next greater update?


will this amazing looking game, be available for a console one day?

Ethan Thorpe

looks EPIC! but please add multiple planets not just 1

Phil Green

You guys should re add digging into the Alpha, there isn't much to do in it. (I understand its Alpha, but at least add some sort of exploration).

Keep updating guys! I really really want to see how this game turns out!

Rob Halal

my big complaint is the major content gap between the version shown in your videos, and the older versions, and the version that is out now. I understand this was done to test gameplay elements separately, but this is a strategy i dont agree with, as when you cobble them together two parts of the separate versions, which worked fine alone, might clash, causing errors and glitches in their wake. when can we expect all currently developed features in a single release?

Charles George Kucharzak

I just wish that there were more blog updates letting us know how things were going.. :/


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