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Woooo!!!!! Maybe having the packets as inventory items that are automatically added to your character? Or have them drop to the ground as a no-collision item?


Guys, I just wanna say that you are awesome! This game has an immense amount of potential. I bought it a few months back and I can tell this game will be fraking mindblowing if you keep up the good work! You have my support :D


Maybe instead of resource pallets taking up physical space in mines and your base, you could have holographic shapes that the player can walk through. And perhaps instead of having to be close to certain pallets when crafting, it might be easier to have a global resource tally, so if the player has resources away from each other (but has interacted with both) that they can still craft, or containers that materials can be transported to when the player presses 'E' on them. Containers could be placed like normal building blocks, with one cubic unit storing 200 (of any kind) resource, able to be expanded by placing more blocks next to the first. And since manually moving pallets of resources can be time-consuming, perhaps a way to 'beam' resources to a location (like a delivery room next to the containers).


I honestly think the pallet system is more trouble than it's worth. Having to transport these things around 1 by 1 is also incredibly tedious.


I think a good solution for the pallets could be like this:
Penetrator (or collecting tool) may be "connected" whith a short distance holo-table which can "absorb" materials from penetrator to holo-table. After this absortion, pellet could be generated next to table. Far enough from you'r working site. In addition this system had to be like a range systems, similar than energy or crafting table. And maybe in future can be upgraded via skills.
Just ideas.
(sorry for my eng. I'm spanish)
By: Ehrur.


I think something that might work is that the player could store a certain amount of resources on them but then would need to place a pallet (when and where they choose) before being allowed to collect any more of a certain resource. This could also open up the ability for you guys to create a skill that makes it so the player could hold more as they get stronger and wouldn't have to return to the surface or a base as often as their character progresses.


We are leaning towards putting resources on the character up to a point (level up to allow more) and any excess they can place in a storage container. The world is huge, and transporting the pallets across the distances is too tedious.


I think the pallets are Awesome! I think having to transport multiple pallets via a trailer or truck type vehicle to your base where they can be used would make for awesome game play. you would be able to trade and you have to actually protect your Pallet truck from being hijacked that puts a whole new element into the game actually having to have team work to make sure your resources dont get stolen. being able to steal Pallets from enemy bases and stuff would be amazingly fun, Pulling of heists to get resources. so you have to actually protect your pallets by building your base to keep them safe or having armed guards transporting them. it would make them so much more valuable. So what if its a bit of stuffing around to collect them, the fact that you put time into it makes them even more valuable to you and your team. It will put sentiment behind collecting and protecting resources, it would make mining and collecting skills that much more valuable to a team. I just think that physical pallet type of resource is awesome because it has never been seen before in a game like this and it can bring so much more to the game. Don't give into people being lazy and wanting the game to be easy, make it hard! make it fun!

The only thing I think needs to be improved for pallets to really work is the functionality of the trailer or making a new truck type Vehicle, but besides that i think they are a perfect addition to the game, OHH AND, it would make a flying transport vehicle so valuable, can you imagine shooting one down and collecting the resources from the crash site!!! having to steal the resources and get away before the enemy responds and sends people after you!
Just seriously pallets = Amazing
sorry for the massive idea rant, haha.


I agree with a Aiden ^^. Having the pallets makes the game a lot more fun. I did enjoy driving that glitchy trailer around and collecting stuff.

So I don't think it should be changed really. If anything should be added or changed then I say make some sort of collecting vehicle (Like the trailer say) that automatically loads the pallets into it.
That way you still have the pallets and the process will be a bit quicker to gather them and you have a place to store them (in the trailer I mean)


I agree, the pallets are fun and original and I look forward to using machinery to transport them, it gives the game a nice industrial feel. Perhaps tools like the penetrator could have there own small inventories that could be expanded as the tool is improved/leveled. Also, increasing the max amount of resources that a single pallet can contain would help a ton and vehicles for moving pallets could use a sort of snap-to loading feature (would function sort of like magnets) for easier loading/unloading and to keep pallets from falling out while driving.


Another delay :/ this seems to happen a lot apparently there's not a lot of complete thinking within this company... disappointing to say the least.


Pallets are definitely great in principle. It wouldn't hurt to increase the density of resources on them, though. They definitely shouldn't fall from the sky, either; let the player place them when their inventory fills up. Bonus points for requiring materials to build the containers.

If people find transporting them to be tedious, they can build rail lines. It adds a lot of depth and originality to the game.


Don't forget the pallets serve a purpose. They are trying to make it feel more real. And they certainly do that.

All we need here is a limit on the amount of "stuff" you can carry, this can be converted to a pallet and placed on the ground by the player. Rather than spawning them automagically.


How about a pallet dock that sucks in nearby pallets and they can then be withdrawn like an inventory.


I also like the pallets. The problem with them is there size and weight. A 1 x 1 meter pallet of dirt would almost weigh a ton. A ways to fix the problem might be to use matter compression. I can’t remember the name, but there was a movie with this a couple of years ago. People could carry a large amount of items with them because it took very little space. Say you have a system on your suite that can compress items or pallets into a small size, this will allow you to carry X amount of items or pallets with you. The player can then use skill points to upgrade the compression system to be able to carry more items. This leaves the existing pallet system intact, so you have the best of both worlds.


Augmenting the quantity each pallets can hold, as Dashi said, would be soo simple to modify and would also add value to them. In that way of thinking, the more a pallet can hold, the less you want it to be stolen...

Its definetly a good idea to also have a system that can move pallets automatically like railways (Dashi again), automated transporters or an advanced machine that teleports pallets over short distances (we are way way in the future... technology is soo advanced that teleportation could be possible). Remember that the more a game offers mechanics that can interact with each other, the higher will be the level of replayability... and you want people of all kind to play your game. Energy system is awesome, and it offers a lot of avenues to other machines that can manipulates the world. If only there was automated transporters and automated miners, there could be some sort of industrial-like systems to be built. Thoses ideas aren't so difficult to add to the game, and will add so much depth to it. Imagine entering an advanced mine, you see at your left multiples generators that beam power down into a small hole. You get through the enterance to a mine shaft and see multiples automated machines mining the ground that go back & forth to recharge station at the beam reciever. Next to this reciever is a transposer ( a machine that teleports pallets near it) plus a huge stack of pallets next to it. Suddently, a miner break into a cave and multiple monsters from the depths emerge from it, destroying your machinery and stealing the remains + the metal... Well, its just an idea. Continue giving it a good amount of complexity, role play, mechanics and this game will be the best!


My idea is that late in game, you shall have possibility to built a "refinery". were you can get a robot/minion (like in video: http://youtu.be/FRlgk1xC_PQ?t=9m20s). that you can call them to come and pick up the pallets and transport it back to base/refinery.

for not to make it too boring and staic, to let them do all the work.
I thought that they should be upgradeable.
At first they should have short range, low cargo space. that you can extend with a radio towers/antennas, gps or maybe combine with a cargo truck.


why complain about delay...?
better a delay for good quality then a rushed bad patch.

look at rome 2 total war,
battlefield 4,
sword of the stars 2,
i could name 50 more titels from the last 2 years that got buggy release and people were mad.
im happy someone finally has the balls te delay it for the sake of quality!


Whoa... Its coming together very nicely... and you guys got me worried there for a little while...

Great work cant wait for this update... you got me all excited again

Jerry Hampton

I really think either the local container idea or maybe a craftable robotic pet that can collect your resources for you would be your best bet.


I really like the refinery idea.

Owen Dillingham

You guys should just add a teleporter gun that can teleport items back to the players main base....would solve clutter problem...oh and also getting rid of collisions with the pallets and characters would probs help too...i wouldnt mind :)


I'm just going to put it out then that the pallet system is a huge source of lag on older systems. I appreciate what they are tying to do, but storing large quantities of resources with the current system is just not feasible from a technical standpoint. I would prefer to see a system that would convert raw pallets into a data stream that is then stored and can be sent along a power transmission laser. This opens up a whole arena for building networks and keeps rendering overhead low.


That's alright. I think I speak for a lot of us when I say I would rather have a quality update than something that was pushed out because of a deadline. You're doing a great job, keep up the good work!


As long as there is a way to turn off the hint system in the options.

A console command to turn off the UI would also be helpful/useful for people who make videos.

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