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The fps issues are much better but I still am unable to render the floor, just looks like I am floating in space. As soon as I walk out of the build zone I fall through forever.


Nice one guys, good to see a more stable Starforge for a change. :P

@Rek, I think that's a bug, you should report it.


Nice to see the game patched, but what about items we cant actually make yet, such as the vehicles?


@myself, Nevermind, I just saw the Mining skill tree :P You guys should probably add that to the patchnotes.


In my case, the FPS iw worst with this update.
Always is the same map...


I very much like the additions to the HUD when using the drill. I still am unable to find and iron or oil yet but now I am more engaged in mining for it. Around what depth can we expect to see it now?


@VLG: It's pretty frekking deep still, but you'll know when you get to the right depth, there'll start to be dark gray stone that'll have iron ore veins. It's below the sandstone layer though.


Hey guys, glad to see you actually listen to us. The new patch was very much needed to game the game playable for me so I've been playing for more than a few hours the past couple days, haha. My only real issues with the game now are the floating trees, and a maybe a more stable save function because I've still had problems with duplicating forging terminals. A couple things I would like to see are different terrain styles (the trees are a bitch to use a hovercraft in) and maybe a bigger drill bit, like one that makes really big vehicle sized holes. I rhink it would be really to make giant holes in the terrain, like with a big drill or explosive. Well anyway, keep up the good work guys!


The game plays relatively smoothly now, but after mining some resources and building a box a few blocks off the ground, I think I'd love some accouterments.
-Lamps for lighting the house
-Windows/transparent blocks


Plus qu'a Stabiliser le jeux ! Avant je pouvez y jouer avec les graphisme en Moyen/haut maintenant je suis en très faible ! :/


Most notable bugs of multiplayer,
Vehicles desynchronize players,
i think relative to environment synchronization my friend see's me drive into rocks that dont even appear causing him to stop while i keep going. Skill benefits fail, if i have maximum mining and forging (earned or cheat), once my friend loads in i lose the benefits, however if i fill it out after he has loaded in everything is ok, though he is never (as guest) able to benefit from most of his skills.
2 Drills running in close proximity cause intense lagg(only time i encounter it) Most Notable of single player,
Mass excavation renders drill unusable due to lagg, i drilled for atleast 4 hours a massive tunnel to Oil (for purpose of driving trailers with containers) only to find once i finished i was unable to use the drill without the screen freezing and the framerate dying even lowering the resolution did little to help in the end. there are more things but i believe they require far less attention such as trees that vanishing or alien ai, but most of these are tolerable and barely effect gameplay, while the above make it pretty difficult to do much relative to multiplayer or drilling, of course the game is still alpha so we all need to be patient, Thank you codehatch for this wonderful game! i hope i provided enough depth if not feel free to email.


There is a bug in the multiplayer when you go to enter the ip and mess up and backspace it copies the backspaced numbers and when you type in the next number it pastes it all plz fix


Well my problem is whenever I launch the alpha it tells me Error: Steam Unavailable when I know it clearly is Available.


Still can't used bed in the morning on steam. The Sniper scope does not work yet, no doors for the buildings, hope to turn sand to glass for windows, can't pick up generator when placed on the ground, only one type of monster in the game, would like to have other NPCs attacking me or joining me, I have the game on steam, hope they update game soon to have things that I commented, so I can get my friends to buy the game on steam too. Overall I like this game but still has LOTS OF MISSING THINGS IN THE GAME AND THE GAME PLAY.


Great game and your updates seem to hit the spot every time , i really think as well as digging for iron ore sand and oil you should spawn deposits of oil ore sand on the surface this would encourage exploration . Also rather than digging 1000's of meters into the ground to find out you cant get out of the tunnel , maybe there could be a mining teleport device as at the moment the only way once i have dug the mine and collected the ores is to save and restart . Great game keep it coming .


We have not the version 0.5a but just 0.5 via steam and my girlfriend and I have the same IP address blobal so our friends when we join, vehicle, skill trees and multiple bug makes it impossible to play together.

Anyway, thanks for this futur great game with huge possiblities. U do nice work and we hope the Team SSM° (SSM is a clan with many server multigmaing)can open dédicated servers.

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