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Will this container be the size of a freight container or the size of say a chest i would assume it would be the former since 5000 unuts equals quite a few pallets.


It would be nice if you had to hitch it to your vehicle and transport from the dig sight to your base. In that way it would be in keeping with the pallet system.

Scott Morrin

Seems like it's going to be a badass update and I'm really looking forward to it. Good going CodeHatch =D


Hm, interesting. I'm glad pallets got taken out but will have to get my hands on this before having an opinion.


You make us wait to long for updates! Can you make smaller updates while working on the big ones that way we have something to hold onto? :)
And by the way AMAZING job so far, keep it up and Star Forge will be better than minecraft!


Guys, I just wanna say thanks for the amazing game you are developing!! I have been waiting for a game like this for a while now!! This game has so much potential!!

I think the new storage containers are a great idea!!I cant wait for the new update!


Great news, glad to hear :) My nerd senses are tingling!


I think there should be something that you "attach" to the drill that collects the resources as you drill them, then you can have more than 1 in your inventory if it's empty. When it gets filled with x amount of resources you detach it, put it in a container somewhere, and attach an empty one. You can't put these small containers in your inventory if it has resources in them, only carry them with E. Its like the pallet system but with smaller carriers for the resources


Love it! Cant wait for more posts about the update!


MurderJunkie, the size really depends on the unit of measurement. For example, how much is 1 dirt? Is it a kg of dirt? Is it a handful of dirt? Depending on which it is, 5000 dirt could feasibly fit into a small container.

What I feel should be emphasized though, is that the volume of the container should somewhat equal the volume of that material when it is placed in the world. Because it would be silly if a small box could fit all the stone you need to build a huge stone fortress.


A good logical next step. The player essentially takes the role of the code that create the pallet. A little more realistic as well as we wouldn't make pallets on the go in the real life counterpart. Possible suggestion: With this in place, a possible factory could then start making the pallets for us. Example, I transport my raw materials in the container, and pass that on a powered conveyor belt going through a machine which converts the raw materials to pallets. It places these pallets into a room next to it. Add a general conveyor belt system, and you could use to make various production factories. Hell, StarForge could have an industrial revolution! Either way, great idea, keep up the work :)


Every word of it sounds golden but i agree with Threethumbs how much is a unit worth?
5000 blocks is a lot but if it takes ten units to make a block or a little more would make it feel less magical :)
Also will we have much larger craftable fixed storage like silos? so us ocd collectors can get our fix and transport oooooooh and and and light fixtures and and and doors and doors and omg npc's. sorry im just drooling right now.


I really liekd the idea of raw resources being able to just lie around on the ground if anyone felt the need to toss it away. Can't we use both this new system, but also the ability to just throw out items in the pallet form they used to be in? So that the player could toss out raw material if they wished to, but it wouldn't be created just because their inventory was full or simply because they mined it. I'd like it that way.


i realy like this solution.
but what happens when your inventory is full and you continue to digg? will the resources be lost?
if so, that would lead to the further problem that you then can digg a moat without worriyng about where to put all the dirt.
a simple solution would be to disable digging when the inventory is full.

to everone who complaining about the capacity: keep in mind that a lower (or realistic) capacity would slow down the gameplay.
it would take much longer to build a fortress and you would spend the most time by just transporting resources from a to b.


add Silos like in command and conquer lol
Thanks hatchcode for all the mystical work your doing and good luck.


I think its a good solution, and would be awesome if you create trains for transporting the containers to the base.

James Downey

Yes, it's good. But! I want normal big updates. Not this feed for chickens. I buy founders club edition in April. I see, that you, guys, have nice ideas. But I can't play in this! Digging, walking and building construct? In desert dead world? No, thanks. I want adventures! Fighting with moster! Like a Starbound or Terraria, but in 3d. All other opportunities not have matter if player can't feel dangerous, fight with monsters and explorer deadly dangerous places. And please, guys, work more intensive. Good luck!


Chill James you gotta walk before you can run dude. that being said I hope that hostile monsters are implemented soon as well as eventually hostile AI miners or natives or something that can shoot back But unlike some people i know how much work goes into implementing even the smallest bit of content from scratch


Seems to be an awesome update we have to wait for. Before really testing this out myself, i'd say it's brilliant!

Good luck Codehatch!


since were dealing with basically bugs here i think a simple spawner system would work quite nicely like nests if you will randomly generated around the world or camps of nomadic indigenous aliens trying to thwart your efforts to colonize. just imagine tunneling along and suddenly breaking into a cave that is crawling with giant bugs that's what we want. Or driving alng and coming across a huge nest of nasties with egg sacks and hive nodes!


why not add freight trucks? we have a huge trailer, so we hitch it to the freight truck, meaning we would also have to plan for getting the truck to and from the mining site. just like a real mining corporation has to do, they have to plan plan plan, and when the plan works, its exciting!

Ragnar Ulfson

Well, to be honest, I haven't played but a few minutes of this game. I bought it, and am looking forward to at least the beta, but for now I will wait till the game is more complete. Keep up the good work guys!


For a while there i'll be honest i thought you guys dropped the game, I didnt know about this site so i was literally hearing nothing about what was going on, November passed and i started losing faith. God damn i glad you guys didnt i was about to cry i love this damn game. I am so glad that you guys are still here and still working as hard as before, Keep on pluggin. You have yourselves a baby here and if you take good care of it itll take care of you and everyone who plays with it with the next hell idk i think this game may become ageless and keep on going for a few decades at the least. Its one of those games you dont forget about. Keep on pluggin. =] I put a link to here on the last update page on steam so anyone who doesnt know will find it. Hope that helps the others!


I'm not disappointed or angry that the updates are taking a long time, my only disappointment is that the community is only informed "after" the deadline is missed.

Stop neglecting your community code hatch!
I understand that updates will take a long time to make, OK, so make slightly smaller updates then, we have something to bite into.

Or how about regular status updates? A sentence once per month, How about once a week so i have something "regular" to look forward to, in between the 6 months it takes to release an update? This is basically the biggest reason i paid for pre-alpha, so i could support you in building this game. I don't expect something playable yet, but my interest in this game is dwindling as there really has been soo little information from you guys to keep me interested...

serious dissapointed

Updates take way way way way way to long, I've lost interest going to play the new update on Space Engineers now - they put out updates and keep their supports informed constantly....

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