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Are the lights that were modeled months age implemented it sure would be nice to have some light in my house


small problem with the infinite tunnels. you cant get back to the surface when you get lost but otherwise excellent work.


Laaaaaggggggg I was running the older version fine but now I can't even play it anymore.


Yeah same here, you guys must have monster computers when you take those videos... cause it is nothing like that for me haha. All I do is fall through the floor and lag out.

Coovargo Ethernia

AMD Phenom X6 1090T @4.2GHZ.
16GB Memory.
GTX 680 Nvidia GPU.

A few issues I noticed:
If you move too far outside of the radius of your base and place structures such as the forge, modifying the terrain can cause it to fall through the surface. A simple fix I found was to place blocks down and then placing the forge on top the blocks.

Reloading old cells sometimes results in dead in appearance trees.

Seeing "holographic doubles". Hardly noticeable, unless I'm playing on my IPS monitor. If you are running on "Fantastic" quality, at least running on my 680, you can see doubles of any 3D object in the game. I can verify this happens with the following:
monsters, to players, structures, etc.
They appear to be shaders that aren't lined up on the models correctly. All I can guess.

The game seems to run much smoother than previous builds. I'm guessing there is a lot of debug code on the geometry modification system because it usually drops a frame for each use of the penetrator.

A.I. Spawns with GREAT amounts. It's terrifying to say the least. There should be a max number of spawns, as well as a timer if they leave a certain radius of the player to despawn, as well as a certain minimum distance to spawn. Also other types than the yellow wouldn't hurt.

Gamebreaking bugs:
I have never seen Iron Ore or Oil in 8 hours of playing. According to Draknor on the forums it exists in VERY small quantities miles below the earth. But he's the ONLY person to have said anything as of yet. As of now, as far as I've experienced, digging STRAIGHT DOWN has yielded no results except unplayable lag as it seems the game does not differentiate Z cells like it does X and Y cells. I'm sure I'd hit lava or a memory limit error before iron at this point. Considering it takes iron ore to make half the things in the game...

Lesser Issues:
No seed for survival...? Same Generation every time?
I looted a chainsaw with a scope on it. What?
Save and Disconnect on a multiplayer game takes you to... The same menu, rather than the main menu. It does successfully end and save the game though.

Some trees on multiplayer do not sync.

If you start a new game and someone joins WHILE the host is starting the server, two of the user will appear in game following one another.

Cannot take containers underground. Prevention of loss method or unintended action?

Other than that great job. If these can get fixed there can be a game I am honestly happy to play. Now we're getting the Alpha experience.

Coovargo Ethernia

Reloading old cells sometimes results in the appearance of dead trees.*. No edit function. Missed it on preview.

Nathan Vogt

Having an issue with with trees. Anytime I get near them the entire tree just fades away pixel by pixel making really hard to harvest trees.

Nvidia GTX550 TI
AMD FX 4180 processor


The ground doesn't render at all for me :( as soon as i leave the build zone i fall through.


Drill is broken and i have tried reinstalling the game and a new save, new game, new character. completely deleted game tried again still broken. :(
i really liked playing before drill broke.
but great work im having a lot of fun with the game as is.

ease up on the monster spawn and maybe give the blocks more significant resistance because its really annoying trying to build anything in survival. stone blocks and up should be nearly indestructible for fleshy creatures


You should consider making sure the player has a solid feel of when he's looking up or down. It is very confusing underground in the tunnels , it feels as if you're in space.


Maybe for the next update you should add more graphic settings, like Vsync, render distance, texture quality, player quality, mob quality, and item quality. Also maybe make the flash light have a bigger radius because at night it is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy to dark out. I would also love to see doors and thinner blocks so you can make thinner walls for a house/base/building. But other than that stuff you guys are knocking my socks off! Incredible game, great ideas, great everything!


I love you guys <3
I did some intense digging, and got really far down (I was picking up a lot of Iron Ore and Oil) before it began to lag.
The first alien gave me a little fright, I hope you add more to survival. Those aliens are pretty. That not so little glow bug would be funny to find running around as well.
Aaaaanyway you guys have added and fixed so many things and I just wanted to give you an internet bro fist.


cannot sleep at night in the bed

mitchel white

you REALLY need to add an option to remove ground foliage because my computer used to run this game fine but now i can't run it now. static meshes would help becasue the trees waving really slows down the game to a slideshow.




first off i wanna say to you guys, INCREDIBLE WORK!! i have actually been waiting for a game like this for a long time. minecraft was the first realization, but you guys have taken it to the next level. HOWEVER...you still have quite a ways to go before this game becomes actually playable. the new update was incredibly productive but incredibly buggy. you just cant save properly. you cant save resources, characters, or land properly without some sort of major glitch whenever you log back in. it might be that you lose your storage container so you cant save resources, the forging terminal keeps multiplying every time you try to play a saved game, the terrain having the same holes in it as the one you played before even though you deleted that game, OR the fact that you cant even dig into the terrain sometimes when you load a saved game. all these bugs are basically game breakers which to me, makes playing the game somewhat pointless when you cant save anything properly. with all that being said, you guys have really done amazing work with what you have accomplished so far and im SOOOOOOOO looking forward to the next update. even though this game isnt complete yet, i am glad i bought it. hope you guys continue working hard at making this game even more incredible.


On my Phenom II X6 tower I can run the game with only considerable lag. 20fps is about average.
On my laptop I can run the game on the lowest settings at 12 fps on average.
Both computers dislike digging deep tunnels.

-Day is so short, and night is so long, repetitive, and dangerous.(Perhaps a peaceful mode for those of us who would like to explore the building aspect of this game?)
-Night is too dark. Radiant lighting would be a good alternative to putting spotlights facing your home.
-Material durability would be good. Why spend fifteen minutes building a castle that can be broken into in a couple seconds? (Maybe only certain super bugs should be able to break hard materials?)


more iron please i still have not found any mining


Reading all of this it sounds like you(devs) want too much too quickly. I understand you have high pressure from players who wants to play, and to see your game take shape! My advice though, would be to check and double check this new update, feature updates and make sure everything works for everyone before you start on new things. If you do that, your game will turn out fine. Do it even if we bitch and whine and want more! I think, in the end, everyone will be happy when you release THE perfect game, competing with the big studios.


i agree with MurderJunkie!


I disagree with MurderJunkie. Most game devs spend so much time debugging to make everything perfect, that they hardly make any progress with the actual development. Focus primarily on development in Alpha, focus on mix on development and bugfixing in Beta, and focus primarily on bugfixing in final release.


I played the game for two hours with the new update.

These are my problems:
-Distant trees disappears. Annoying when I take aim for a fat tree and it disappears

-Enemies are quiet and scared me almost everytime, impossible to know where they are without seeing them.

-Very difficult to flatten the ground. It would be nice if one could limit the max depth the miner can mine to the height I am standing on.

-Building blocks. Takes ages to build something. I would be happier if individual blocks built themselves for like 10x the current time, but let me pre-place the blocks I want to place. PLEASE! Either make them build one by one or every single one simultainiously but longer time for individual blocks.

-I need lots of iron ore to craft the good stuff but iron ore is hard to find. I had to dig to -500 meters to find it but then I was disappointed because each tick gave me 1 iron.

-Mobility. I had to go very far to find good things but it turned to night before I could come back. Something like a simple hover-bike with 100 storage for each mat would be very nice.

Things I really liked:
-Caves are awesome! One of the most awesome things I have ever seen in a game!

-Tunnels are awesome! I was excite about seeing what kind of cave it would lead to.

-Chainsaw is really fun to use for cutting wood. The variation of it's sound makes it awesome!

-Enemies are silent. Scared the crap out of me and it was fun. Just give them a little sound at day-time and let them be silent at night :D

-Picking up stuff. Very smooth. Except it caused me to push my tracklight and bed a hundred meter away because my character grabbed it too far.

-Closer grab distance
-Less time used for building blocks
-Locking items to where they are, so they can't be moved.
-Forging machine should be able to use materials from nearby storage boxes.

But, as MurderJunkie said, it is better to perfect the terrain system and what not first before adding a lot of stuff.

Tank tank

With the new update I hit iron ore at 850+ meters down

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