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Cool, but i notice that the terrain generations seems too.. smooth, like a bed sheed. And i'm wandering if the world in next's updates and in the final game, will be more like the infinite terrain demo showed in 0.4.5 version. Because i loved the way that was generated. It had huge cliffs and the deepness use to be gorgeous.

Cheers up!

Matt AKA Jakylime

Whats the eta on those amazing lights you guys modeled. Anyhow great work, love the way the game is turning out :D


I like the changes that've been coming out, but I'm not sure about iron being easier to access. I'm worried making iron too easy to find will essentially limit stone forts to very early-game. I like the idea of metal forts being highly time-consuming and VERY rare. I still think meteorites and small veins are cool, and allow you to actually have a bit of iron to work with, but I'm worried it might be too plentiful. In reality, surface iron is very rare, for the most part. However, building your base around a plentiful iron deposit seems like VERY good fuel for roleplaying and adds to immersion, so large bases are either parked over a plentiful mine or receiving shipments from one off-site. But I'd still keep the majority of iron deep below-ground, as it currently is. Just my two cents.


I agree that iron shouldn't be particularly common on the surface, as it is needed for vehicles and much stronger building blocks. Maybe have red dirt and rock, like in the West Australian Pilbara, that has a low density of iron (1 in 20 - 50 maybe) but is plentiful. It would take a while to get large amounts of iron so it's not game breaking or OP but would be handy to have early game or just as a secondary supply for emergencies.


"Power suit" *rubs hands together*


I don't know if you know this but your level system has a flaw. Witch is a major problem, that problem is as followed.every time some one logs out of a server any exp or level they have gets reset, also only one person has to do any of the mining or forging and put the points in and every one who is on gets it unlocked.


The comment section on the Release was closed before I could comment that I like how smooth things are now, and Can't wait to see this game shape up.


Id really love to see at night how about those smaller light sources


How about you focus on making it so that

1. The game doesn't crash leaving your savefile unusable when you go too far from spawn.

2. The procedural generation lets you see the massive holes in the floor before you're like a metre away from falling in them.


Are there any optimizations being made? I still can't enjoy any of the terrain with 10 fps. What's the point playing with minecraft view distance and now being able to see anything.


I really like the idea for resources actually, very similar to how earth would have been back before all the mining we have done that has mostly stripped the surface resources away. There should still be deep deposits of resources that are much more rare and valuable of course to show a upgrade in the character's capability and needs. A small suggestion perhaps is maybe something to add to the drill or be a separate tech that the character has to build or find, is something like a metal detector but for all sorts of resources, that doesn't blatantly say "Iron is 50m this way" it will say "Something is in this direction".

Keep the game going I'm loving its development and can see it being carved from its proverbial marble slab, thank you all.

Matitya Halal

Looks and feels alright.

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