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Great patch, but I was hoping to see a smelter added to the game. Will that come in another patch for this update or will it be in the next update?


Why don't you guys work on performance before you add more features? Wouldn't it make more sense to have a game/engine that actually runs well before adding more content?

I'm on a r9 280x videocard from AMD, a 4ghz CPU and a hefty system to back it up, game runs like ass.

It's unbelievable. Sorry if that seems mean but I've been playing games since 1990 and Starforge runs terribly. Lazy shortcuts by your programmers I think.


Smelter...was really only waiting around for the Smelter.


Still waiting for female characters. I'll put 100+ hours into supporting this game as soon as they come out.


@D I'm using 2 evga gtx 660s sli with amd 8350 8 core at 4ghz, and 16gb ram and i'm getting little to no lag. As far as i can tell they did a lot to improve on the performance considering the past versions of the game it would lag out in a couple of minutes. And of course remember its only in beta now, usually performance comes with time (minecraft was horrible for a long time lol).

Dakota "Dcode" Naspinski

So i couldnt tell if this stated that the disappearing items (resetting to quantity 1-10 for random items) when logging into a multiplayer game was fixed or not. Also what about the freezing npc's everytime you kill one did they fix that. Sorry they probably mentioned this but the way they worded their fixes i couldnt tell.


This game does only need "optimization" for now. First let the game run good on users' computers and then you can add more features. This game is exactly Sci-Fi version of Rust. and do you know why Rust sold so many copies? Because they focused on optimization in the first place and then added features later.Please guys I want this game better than Rust so just optimize first, add contents later

Mark Rothwell

please make a smelter or some way to craft ingots its stupid to find them inside animals and randomly finding the same blurprints over and over and over and over and over you get my drift it becomes boring really quickly and i love this game so please for the love of my sanity sort this and i will love you guys forever


I haven't seen any lag recently. For those who are talking about having it, this is beta. Rust was a complete product before performance was correct. I have dull confidence that when this game officially releases, lag wont be an issue. There is still alot of time between now and release. Be patient.


Why didn´t you said die-containers won´t spawn anymore??? My motivation is gone now....
Finally fixed a whole bunch of bugs and on my first death I lost all, motivation and all items! To the others: be careful, when you die your items are FINALLY gone! :(


I agree with Corinator, the game should be made stable before anything else is added. It runs so terrible for me I don't even like to play it. I don't care if it sounds mean I payed for the game I should get a game not an unstable playground for the developers. Developers need to get their priorities straight


Anyone on here complaining about performance issues should realize that this is a work in progress; if you paid for a beta, you should expect a beta not a full game. And there is still time to fix it. I'm sure even if Codehatch made beta release all about performance you would be whining for more content. Don't forget this is their first ever game and they need time to make it great so they don't go under, and an understanding community would be nice to have during that, I'm sure.


To chime in, I'd say content is secondary to performance. In this situation, however, having the "new user experience" at an acceptable level would be an important step before improving performance. Once the game runs well on mid-level systems, the flood gates are open. It's that first impression from a few thousand players which you'll want to milk for all it's worth. That will help you retain your player base as you continue to add new content in future patches.

That said, good job code}{atch, and keep up the good work. I look forward to future updates.


@D I'm running a Core 2 Duo with a 9800 GTX and the game runs great for me. Occasional terrain lag, but not too bad.

These guys are working their butts off trying to give us an awesome game (and doing a pretty damn good job of it) and all you can do is bitch meanly. There's a difference between pointing out issues and being mean about it. Please learn that difference.


This game doesn't need more weapons. It needs more monsterS (passif AND aggressif, and not just 1 more of each others...) and water (i mean real water, not just snow).

Steven Molen

Yeah... after dying twice and my corpse container bugging both times and not showing me my items... I got pissed and logged :s

Steven Molen

Please for the love of all that is holy, a "Loot All" button would be great :)


The only issue I have is when I'm WAY high up in the sky, above the clouds, I'll look down, and everything will start to turn blue and the clouds will start to disappear. Other than that, everything looks GREAT and is running VERY well! I can now run the game at maximum graphics setting! AMAZING detail!! Everything runs so much smoother, and the options and choices I have available have so much more variety! Well done, and keep up the great work! Now all we need is a flamethrower :-D


still need a smelter, O/c but i get this bug when i log off, then log back in, all the stuff i gathered last time i had played the game are gone, all chest empty!

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