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About time...


This looks great. You guys have been doing great in keeping the game updated and fun. Ignore the people who cant appreciate the great work you guys are doing. Over all I tell every one about the great game you guys are building and In a 10 star rating I give you 15 stars!

Sebastian Alfaro

great update , i bought the game when it wasnt on steam , and the game has progrees so much, sad the saves dont work, but it was predictible because of his beta state, keep the good work :)



Glad to see you guys putin enfort on keeping the game playable! Stay on that way and the community will be glad :D


Thanks for the job. After a slow development it seems now running at full speed. Now it's a game and more: It's getting great.


Hi there Codehatch, I am extremely happy about the update and you do great work give yourselfs a pat on the back ;D.

Just wanted to ask if you fixed any other bugs and if you have a place on the forum where all known (and unresolved) bugs are listed. It would be great to know which ones are known and how far you are at working on them. I am sorry if I am just to inexperienced and blind. but please send me a link if something like that is present. I am running a Hamachi server with starforge and therefor I will be bussy looking for bugs in oder to report them to you.

Best wishes and Good Job



I just came - twice.

Itai Bieber

I'm extremely happy about this update cause now I will probably be able to play with higher than 30 Fps!


Gross, Darkmesia, really gross :)

As for too many bugs slowing down the frame rate, I've never had much trouble, as I run the game at 720P with all settings maxed. Considering I sit 3 feet from the monitor (aka 42" Visio 3DHDTV), this works well. 1080p is a bit too much information. :)


Really cool this update, now it´s way easier to come to ingotsxD makes a lot of fun, but there are some questions I have, indeed. Where is Dark Powder made from? Do I really need Dark Matter Shale? The Wiki is really, really outdated, so one have to find out...


It ran smooth on version 0.75. Now the framerate is choppy and even worse.

some guy

The new caves (those that i've seen) are really nice!

According to performance i can't say too much .. I've changed the settings a fair bit and somehow it works better than before with halfcut resolution but instead full effects .. however, the clouds still seem to have a big impact on the performance.

And one other thing: In 0.7.x I encountered a huge performance drop after playing for a while on a server (< 5 fps), several times. When quitting and re-joining the server, the performance was fine again. Perhaps this was fixed, but I'm not sure of it.

Another suggestion: what about making sleeping players disappear, when you are not near them? The same goes for creatures, but not so much for other players, as they might shoot you from the distance ...

And another one regarding caves: why calculate lots if huge caves, when you are 1000 meters above them and cant even see them because there is no path down there in the next n meters? I believe this one is not really trivial to solve, but perhaps there is some nice algorithm out there that might help.

best regards, and keep up the good work!


I've played some bit with this. Multiplayer mostly, NA east 1. Awesome stuff, love how smelters and refineries help you get the feel of progressing toward whatever. Built a base high in the mountains with huge power generator, lots of turrets, smelters, name it.

Now, the server crashes, say, at least 100 time per day, if not more. loose all your stuff, get other's stuff (Highly advanced, or not) get spawned some places or roll back in time. Hundreds of others like that, smaller or not. I do feel this is going somewhere -thanks to your effort, just had to say it.

Can't play it so well, despite my efforts.


@ some guy how looking if there´s a path when you didn´t even have generated it? xD
But the caves are really nice now, thanks!

some guy (the same as 3 posts earlier)

the caves ARE generated :P .. you can see it when digging a little(!) bit and getting your head stuck in a corner --> view clipping through the mesh. there are plenty of caves generated really far beneath you ...
Perhapps there could be some alteration to the terrain calculation by looking the the average velocity of the player. In minecraft you have a similar problem ... there a whole terrain chunk is laoded from top to bottom, but thanks to the fact, that it is just say 256 voxels high, it should be a lot faster to calculate. In Starforge you don't only have cubes for displaying, but depending on the topology of adherent voxels you have to pick one of 16(?) different meshe-patterns. So its basicly like running a filter on an image - the greater the resolution (or number of voxels) the more comparisions have to be done, apart from the fact that you might run out of Memory (which thanks to the 64 bit support happes less often now :)).

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